About 48324

48323 is a zip code northwest of Detroit and is on the west side of Oakland County. It includes the area just east of Union Lake Road to Orchard Lake Road at Keego Harbor and extends beyond to Sylvan Lake just east of Middlebelt Road. The south boundary begins at Pontiac Trail, winds through Upper Straights Lake and surrounds Middle Straights Lake while the north ends at Cooley Lake Road adjacent to Waterford Township.


West Bloomfield 48324 encompasses the Pine Lake Country Club and Sylvan Manor Park on the east side, driving right through Upper Long Lake. Businesses along Orchard Lake Road feature the Salvation Army, Target Sports Shooting Range, and Little Caesars Pizza.

Orchard Lake Village is a city within 48324. This includes Apple Island, which is now a private, historical island in Orchard Lake, operated by West Bloomfield Schools. Orchard Lake is also home to Cedar Island and is known for it’s luxury homes and neighborhoods, Orchard Lake Nature Sanctuary and the Orchard Lake Presbyterian Church.

Nearby at the Hiller Road and Commerce Road crossroad are the West Bloomfield School District Buildings. You can discover Marshbank Park around the corner. Marshbank Park is a great park with shelters, picnic areas, fishing pier and canoe/kayak lauch with rentals.

48324 is also home to the Westacres neighborhood, Westacres Branch Library, Evo Salon and Hiller Chiropractic.

The Lakes

West Bloomfield Township is home to 43 lakes and canals. The Clinton River Watershed, Huron River Watershed, and Rouge River Watersheds divide West Bloomfield.  48324 is part of the overall Lakes Area, which is what many of us locals refer to the surrounding lake communities.

The Lakes Area of Oakland County includes Waterford, White Lake, Commerce Township, Bloomfield, Orchard Lake Village, Sylvan Lake, Walled Lake, and Wolverine Lake Village.

The Lakes of 48324:

  • Cass Lake, All Sports Lake
  • Orchard Lake
  • Upper Straights Lake
  • Middle Straights Lake
  • Green Lake
  • Union Lake
  • Cross Lake
  • Flanders Lake
  • Scotch Lake
  • Darb Lake
  • Hammond Lake
  • Parts of Upper Long Lake

Waterfront Homes

48324 Recent Home Sales


The median income in 48324 is around $104,000. The unemployment rate in 48324 is 5.6%. Around 24.4% of the residents in 48324 have a bachelor’s degree. The total population of 48324 according to the 2016 American Community Survey is 17,235. This includes 13,306 over the age of 18 and 2,776 over 65 years old. There are 6,764 people living in 6,374 households in 48324.


Gretchko Elementary
5300 Greer Road
West Bloomfield, MI 48324
Phone Number: 248-865-6570
F: 248-865-6571

Scotch Elementary
5959 Commerce Road
West Bloomfield, MI 48324
Phone Number: 248-865-3280
F: 248-865-3281

Abbot Middle School

3380 Orchard Lake Road
West Bloomfield, MI 48324
Phone Number: 248-865-3670
F: 248-865-3671

Our Lady of Refuge

3750 Commerce Road
Orchard Lake, MI 48324

Phone: 248.682.3422
Fax: 248.683.2265

Saint Mary’s Prep

3535 Commerce Rd, Orchard Lake, MI 48324

Phone: 248.683.0530

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Real Estate Market

5 year average sales price in 48324 West Bloomfield between 2013 and through 1st quarter 2018There were 355 properties sold in 48324 West Bloomfield for 2017. This includes Single Family Homes as well as Condos.

Growth over the last 5 years for 47324 has been steady. At the end of 2017, the average home sales price was $327,704, which is 24% greater than 2013. Sales for 2018 outlook is very strong with an average sales price of $298,931 for the 1st quarter.

Primary Year Sale Price, Average
2013 $249,439
2014 $253,094
2015 $266,956
2016 $339,203
2017 $327,704
2018 $298,931



Condo sales for 48324 have fluctuated over the last 5 years. There were only 89 condominium sales in this zip code for this period of time, which is too few to chart.  22 condo sales in 2017 with an average sales price of $207,750.

Primary Year Sale Price, Average Sales, Number of
2013 $215,571 20
2014 $195,745 11
2015 $159,763 20
2016 $251,252 14
2017 $207,750 22
2018 $361,500 2

Luxury Homes

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