Kelly and her team will fight hard for you.

Before we put our house up for sale in 2012, we spoke to a short sales realtor who wanted us to “fudge” our numbers so that it will make it easier for a short sale. My wife and I didn’t like his approach so we decided to just try and sell our house. With little interest and no offers, in 2013, we decided to hire The Short Sales Group after my wife’s co-worker used them and had success.

I met Kelly at our home and I told her our situation and she was honest from the start and said every short sale is different. She said it may or may not get approved, but they will try their best. We didn’t have to pay anything up front or at all unless we closed the deal.

I constantly emailed and called Kelly and her staff and they were always pleasant at answering my questions. They stayed on top of our case the whole way through. While our first application was denied by the bank, Kelly was determined not to give up. As much as I wanted to just give up, Kelly pulled me back together and told me that she will keep fighting until we can get the deal closed.

I am happy to say that on April 21, 2014, we closed the deal and we walked away from the house free and clear!!!!! Not every short sale is the same, nor can you be guaranteed a short sale. However, Kelly and her team will fight hard for you.

Remember: the banks are NOT your friend and they don’t care about you. The Short Sales Group is your friend and is on your side!

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