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48323 is a zip code northwest of Detroit and is on the west side of Oakland County. It includes the area between Haggerty Road on the west end to Inkster and Middlebelt Roads on its east side, and the north edge meander from Pine Lake Road, Orchard Lake Road, Pontiac Trail passing through Upper Straights Lake and terminates north of Richardson Road.


At the heart of 48323 is the West Bloomfield Township Public Library, West Bloomfield Police Department, West Bloomfield Civic Center and the Recreation Activites Center.

West Bloomfield 48323 zip code is home to B’nai Israel SynagogueShenandoah Golf and Country Club, Tam-O-Shanter Country Club, Twin Beach Country Club, West Bloomfield High School, West Bloomfield Trail, Bay Pointe Golf Club, and Bloomer Park.

Spanning Orchard Lake Road north of Lone Pine Road is the Kroger shopping center that houses a Secretary of State office, Daniel Peleg gallery, and CVS. The next plaza hosts Orchard Lake Mezza, Sweet Dreams, Nectars, Sushi Samari, and the Vintage Wine Shoppe.

Across the street is Loya Organic Middle Eastern Grill, Starbucks and the Village Restaraunt.

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The Lakes

West Bloomfield Township is home to 43 lakes and canals. The Clinton River Watershed, Huron River Watershed, and Rouge River Watersheds divide West Bloomfield.  48323 may sometimes be referred to as The Lakes Area, which spans the township and its surrounding communities, including Waterford, White Lake, Commerce Township, Bloomfield, Orchard Lake Village, Sylvan Lake, Walled Lake, and Wolverine Lake Village.

The Rouge River winds through the 48323 zip code. Here are some of the larger 48323 lakes:

  • Walnut Lake
  • Pontiac Lake
  • Simpsons Lake
  • Harris Lake
  • Bloomfield Lake
  • Morris Lake
  • Woodpecker Lake
  • Upper Straights Lake

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The Average income in 48323 is around $111,000. The unemployment rate in 48323 is 3.9%. Around 24.5% of the residents in 48322 have a bachelor’s degree. According to the 2016 American Community Survey, there are 6,491 people living in 6,936 households in 48323.


Sheiko Elementary School

4500 Walnut Lake Road
West Bloomfield, MI 48323
Phone: 248-865-6370
F: 248-865-6371

West Bloomfield High School

4925 Orchard Lake Road
West Bloomfield, MI 48323
Phone: 248-865-6720
F: 248-865-6721

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Real Estate Market

There were 371 properties sold in 48323 West Bloomfield for 2017. This includes Single Family Homes as well as Condos. 48322 has had steady growth over the last 5 years. At the end of 2017, the average home sales price was $333,169, which is 19% greater than the prior year and nearly 23% gain since 2013. This past year has held the number of homes low compared to the buyer demand. These sales prices are a direct response to the market’s demand.

Primary Year Sale Price, Average
2013 $292,452
2014 $299,373
2015 $293,732
2016 $317,646
2017 $333,169
2018 $341,944



Condos in 48323 have also risen steadily over the last 5 years. The average sales price for 48323 condos for 1st quarter 2018 is $238,412.

Primary Year Sale Price, Average
2013 $168,291
2014 $169,625
2015 $169,488
2016 $173,177
2017 $204,569
2018 $238,412

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West Bloomfield Trails

The Trails of West Bloomfield
7 miles of trails through West Bloomfield covers a 54 acre span