You want your property to appeal to the broadest range of potential buyers while it’s on the market. To make this happen, you’ll want to stage your house. Think of it as creating a model house or show room that features neutral colors and minimal décor. From the curb-appeal to the bowl of fruit on the kitchen counter, leave nothing to chance by checking out tips on how to stage a house.

tips-for-staging-your-house-for-sale-joshuanorberCurb Appeal

If your property looks appealing from the driveway, chances are that potential home buyers will want to take a closer look to see what’s inside. Power wash the exterior walls to remove stains and dirt. If needed, apply a fresh coat of paint. Repair shutters, porches, stairs, walkways, and the driveway. Remove unnecessary decorations that are distracting. You may adore your collection of yard gnomes, but a potential buyer may see them as unappealing. Store toys and bicycles out of sight. Arrange outdoor furniture into conversational settings. Keep the lawn trimmed and free of debris.

Deep Clean

Deep clean the house. Clean the top of cabinets, under the refrigerator, beneath the kitchen sink, appliance sides, and baseboards. Take a critical look at the walls, doors, and floors. Clean scuff marks and stains. Dirty walls and stained carpets look like discounts to a buyer.

Check for Smells

There’s nothing that will turn a buyer away faster than a foul odor coming from your home. We often get used to the smell of our home and may not notice stale smells unless we spend some time away and then return. Check laundry rooms, trash cans, clothing hampers, and bathrooms. Keep a lightly scented candle burning. Refrain from cooking foods with strong odors that can be offensive.


tips-for-staging-your-house-for-sale-2-joshuanorberAn organized home is impressive and shows the buyer that you care about the small details. This gives them confidence about the rest of the home being well cared for on a regular basis. Organize kitchen cabinets and pantries by size and type of food. You’ll be surprised how impressive this looks. Tackle closets and remove items that were stored and forgotten. This is the perfect time to de-clutter and have unused items hauled away. Organize clothing closets per use, style, and color. Keep items off the floor, including shoes. If possible, use matching hangers for a neat appearance.

Remove Personal Items

You want potential home buyers to see themselves living in the house. It’s difficult for them to do so when they are surrounded by your personal items. Remove family photographs, collections, memorabilia, and anything that makes it difficult for them to see this as a neutral space just waiting for their possessions. Store weapons, political items, and anything someone might find offensive or embarrassing.

Other Tips for How to Stage a House

  • Remove oversized furniture.
  • Turn the bedroom back into a bedroom if you’ve used it as an office space, play room, or fitness room.
  • Put up a new shower curtain, clean shower tracks, and hang fresh hand towels.
  • Make the most of natural light by cleaning windows and keeping curtains open.

Have a plan of attack in place for instances when you have short notice for a showing. If you have small children, make a game of picking up toys quickly. Planning ahead of time will make things less stressful when you get that call. With a bit of planning and these tips on how to stage a house, you’re well on your way to a successful showing.

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