Your home is a significant investment piece that deserves the professional attention of a real estate agent. You want to sell the property as quickly as possible with the highest return on that investment. Choosing the right Michigan real estate agent to sell your home is one of the keys to a successful transaction. Before you begin your search, check out the answers to frequently asked questions.

choose-the-right-michigan-real-estate-agent-1-josh-norberWhere should I look?

Friends and family members are sound sources for information. Ask them about recent experiences with real estate agents in your area. Begin your research using the recommendations they provide. Listen to the positive and the negative reviews. These reviews can help you avoid the costly mistake of choosing the wrong person to represent you during the home selling process.

My cousin is a real estate agent. Can’t I just have her help me?

It may seem like the perfect idea to have a close family member work with you during this incredible experience, but that close bond could backfire when stressful situations arise. It’s better to choose representation that is outside your circle of relationships and family bonds. Damage to friendships and family connections aren’t always easy to repair, especially when there is so much at stake.

What kind of real estate agent do I choose?

If you are selling a waterfront home, you want a real estate agent that knows the unique circumstances involved in the sale of such a property. Similarly, if you are selling a luxury home, you want a person who understands the marketing aspects of selling that type of home. Find a real estate agent who communicates at a high level, knows how to reach potential home buyers, and listens to your needs. A real estate agent who provides honest feedback is valuable during the selling process.

I found an agent I like. What now?

Sit down with the real estate agent and ask serious questions about their experience and knowledge. Create a list of questions, so you aren’t at a loss for words when you sit down for the interview. Ask about the agent’s recent sales record, their knowledge of the community, and how long their listings typically stay on the market. Make sure they are a good fit before entering a contract.

choose-the-right-michigan-real-estate-agent-2-josh-norberI called several times, but they haven’t returned my calls. Should I call again?

If they aren’t answering your phone calls now, that’s a good indicator of the level of service you can expect should you continue to pursue them to be your agent. If they aren’t motivated to answer your call, they won’t be motivated to sell your home. Choose the next agent on your list for an interview, and give them a call. Always be clear about your expectations when it comes to communication.

They promised to sell my house in 2 days. Isn’t that awesome?

While that is an incredible promise, don’t allow it to distract you with unrealistic expectations. Fantastic promises won’t get your property sold. Look for an agent who speaks with integrity. Your home won’t sell overnight, and you will need patience for the adventure.

Once I find an agent, I just let them handle everything?

Your real estate agent is a valuable guide during the selling process, but you are the one with the final say in all decisions. Selling your home is a big decision that can cause powerful emotions. Trust your agent to offer you the best advice based on their knowledge and experience. They are an objective voice during times of uncertainty.

What if I decide they don’t meet my needs?

Before you sign a contract with the agent, be sure that you understand the exit procedure. The hope is that you won’t need to use that knowledge, but if things don’t go as planned, it’s best to know what is expected to end the contract.

The best source of information about local communities and real estate topics is your real estate agent. Give Norber Real Estate Group a call today at 248-785-3737 to learn more about the area, discuss selling your house, or tour available homes for sale.

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